Saturday, January 22, 2011

Labor Class

Today Zack and I took our labor class at the hospital I'll be delivering at. Well, actually it was more than a labor class. That was just the morning stuff! More on the afternoon stuff later. Our instuctor was one of the birthing nurses. She has been a nurse for over 30 years and has always helped with deliveries. The first thing we went over was the stages of labor and what to expect during each of them. Then we got to watch a wonderful video! For trying to make us feel more informed and less scared of labor, it sure was an eye opener on just how intense it can get.

Next we learned relaxation and breathing techniques. This is when my dear husband learned that there is going to be more to his job than he at first thought. But I'm confident that he will be the best birthing coach ever! For the next couple of months we will practice working together more as a team. It seems, that once I'm in active labor I'm not going to be able to tell him what I need anymore and he needs to know exactly what it is. Am I right in thinking this is one of the ways a couple truly bonds and become one?

After lunch a lady came to speak to us about Colorado Right Start, a state wide program to help new parents become the best they can be. Her talk was very interesting, though most of the information was stuff we already knew.

Next we learned about C-sections in general, and this hospital's policies on C-sections. It was nice to hear that they really don't like to do them unless it's absolutely necessary. Just the same, I'm glad I'll be under the care of a mid-wife. I hope I never have the need to deliver through C-section, espcially after watching the video.

The rest of the class was on taking care of our newborn. From breastfeeding and diapering, to safety measures to take at home. All that stuff you need to know about babies!

I'm very glad we took the class. Though I must say it doesn't take all the fears out of wondering what it will be like, and how well I'll handle it. I suppose every mother-to-be for the first time wonders that. I'm so grateful to God that I'll have such a wonderful support group around me when the time comes. Mothers and mothers-in-law are truly one of His greatest creations. Not to mention extraordinary husbands. ;-)