Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunshine and Roses

Well, not really roses, but it sounded like a nice title for a really nice day. I wanted to write this post a few days ago, but life with fussy 6 and half week old means I rarely get to finish what I start on the same day. Including this blog post!

It was a such I nice day that I really wanted to get outside, plus my herbs desperately needed a spring pruning. So I asked Zack if he would put this little outside bed-thing on the porch for me, and I put Zana in it while I worked on the herbs.
It's a really neat thing as one side acts as a shade against the sun, and the other has a screen to keep the bugs out.
As you can see the poor sage and mint were not looking their best. Not only were they seriously overgrown, but also had gotten a light freeze on them a few times since they had been put back outside a month ago.
There, much better! Now they look ready for some healthy summer growth. I can't wait to harvest some sage again. I use quite a bit for my cooking, and actually had to buy some recently.
Guinivere also wanted to come out, but alas she's been an in-door cat since we moved here, and certain neighborhood cats have their territories all staked out. One such cat, we call him Bobtail, is the meanest one of the lot. He won a territorial fight against our neighbor's cat, and now she has to be careful in her own yard! Sorry Guiny, but you're better off staying in the house.
Beauty shoot. It felt so good to be outside again! I even got out the jogger and took Zana for a walk later in the afternoon. The rest of this week it's been super windy and I haven't been able to get out again.
Hopefully now that I'm getting used to being a mommy I'll be able to blog more often. Here's hoping!