Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Rose in Golden Hour

We've moved yet again, at the beginning of April. Our new home has some roses that I've been impatiently waiting for to bloom. Roses are one of my favorite flowers, and I haven't had any since the one I killed in our first home.  I thought these were going to be miniature roses by the size of the plants, but they've turned out to be small, but not tiny pink roses.  I discovered the first blooms today!

I also discovered just what people mean about "golden hour" being the absolute best time to take pictures.  The girls and I went outside about 7pm this evening.  Knowing that it was evening I decided to take some pictures.
Here's the rose.  Looks pretty nice doesn't it in these first two pictures?
And here we are about 7:30.  Notice how much the color is starting to pop?
And I really thought this was it too.
You can't see too much difference here, but now it's 8 o'clock...
And bam!  Look at that color!!  Seriously, scroll back up to the top and look at the difference!!!  Just before sunset really is "golden hour!"
But just in case I was enjoying myself too much, Miss Bubbles (almost 1 year old) wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
...And that was the end of that rose blossom.  She took every single petal off. :(  Thankfully there's lot's more buds!
Except for the last two, none of these pictures where Photoshopped.  What you saw was exactly what my camera got!  Thanks for looking!