Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harvesting Sage

I just finally remembered to harvest my sage today before it freezes. It's so fun growing herbs! Tomorrow I'm going to harvest my mint. Next year I hope to add some more to my collection. Though I suppose it will kind of depend on how well the sage and mint do this winter. You see it gets way too cold here to leave them outside, which means finding somewhere to store them in our already crowded laundry room.

Here's what the sage looked like after I was done. I only took the larger and some of the medium sized leaves. It looks nice and neat now, too bad all that new growth is going to freeze off. :-(

In other news, I've been fighting a nasty flu bug the last few days. That would explain my punctuated sentences. The bug itself seems to be going away finally, but not before majorly aggravating my asthma. It's been steadily getting worse all year, and this must have been the breaking point. The worst part about it is that I can't go to a wonderful woman's conference with some of the the ladies in my church. We were supposed to leave tomorrow, and what with my horrible cough, and nearly out of control asthma, I can't go.

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