Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Baby Dedication

On Wednesday, the 29th of June, Zack and I formally dedicated our little girl to the Lord and His service.
Even though the occasion was to dedicate Princess Zana, it was also our time to make a public commitment to raise her in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. We heard many verses read (by Zack's dad, who is a minister) about how much children are a blessing from the Lord, and how to be Godly parents. Then it was Zack's turn dedicate his daughter to God. What a lovely experience and time it was.
She is such a wonderful blessing to us! I thank God so much for loaning her to us for this time, I only hope we can do the best job we can. Parenthood is such an experience that nothing can prepare you for. I still wonder how I can possibly be a mother? And yet, there she is!
Zana was fussy when we began the ceremony, so I gave her to Zack, and she calmed down almost instantly. Daddy's touch. :-D
Asleep in Daddy's arms. So precious!
If you would like to read about the beautiful dress my mom made for the dedication, you can visit my other blog HERE.

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