Saturday, July 30, 2011

Now that's a Bargain!

One of the gifts we received in honor of Princess Zana's birth was a $50 gift card to Babies R Us. After some thought I decided it would be best to use it to buy some more winter clothes for her as that is what we lack the most of. There is no store front near where we live, soI kept checking their website, but everytime I went on they still had the "New for Spring" tab up. Even in July. Weird huh? Plus, I just couldn't find anything in the clearance section that was the right size.

So when I was getting ready to visit my parents for 3 weeks this last month, my mom suggested I bring the card and we could go to the Babies R Us within driving distance to their house. This was perfect as now I also didn't have to worry about using some of the card for shipping too.

At first I looked through their new for winter clothes and found some that I liked. But I didn't like the price tag. A cute set of warm looking pants and hoodie jacket for $22.99. Ouch! That would be half the card right there. So we started looking through the clearance racks. There was found some winter clothes from last year. Things marked done to $2 or $3! The most expensive thing I bought was a pair leggings for $7.99, and the cheapest was a long sleeved turtleneck onesie for $1.60! Thus with $50 I was able to purchase 12 items!! Now that's what I call a bargain. :-D I don't think I could have done better at a thrift shop either.


  1. That's great! And this way, the brand new clothes will last longer than used ones from a thrift store would have anyway. All those clothes look so big! Surely she won't be that big by winter?! :D

  2. What does the cat shirt say? They all look cute!